Theme 1 

Resilience and recovery in adult survivors of childhood maltreatment

Theme leader: Miranda Olff
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The first theme the Global Collaboration decided to focus on was on the impact childhood abuse and neglect in adults (see also Schnyder et al., 2017). The group collected guidelines worldwide, providing the basis for a synthesized core guide for prevention and treatment that can be customized for specific cultural contexts resulting ‘Internet information on Childhood Abuse and Neglect’ (iCAN). The group also recognized there was no instrument available for screening of the wide range of potential outcomes of trauma, which resulted in the development of the Global Psychotrauma Screen (GPS).  The group further focused on the validation of the Computerized Childhood Attachment and Relational Trauma Screen (CARTS), a self-report measure designed to measure occurrences of childhood maltreatment, and its translation into multiple languages. 


1.    iCAN: The development of Internet Information on Childhood Abuse and Neglect (iCAN).  iCAN in all languages can be found here.

2.    GPS:  The development of a short screener of the wide range of potential consequences of trauma: Global Psychotrauma Screen (GPS) Find out more here.

3.    CARTS: A novel online survey methodology: Childhood Attachment and Relational Trauma Screen (CARTS) Fill it in yourself here.