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Theme 7

Treatments across cultures

Theme leader: Debra Kaysen
Interventions and treatments for trauma-related disorders across cultures

Trauma is not limited by national borders. In addition, from a global perspective, exposure to one or more traumatic events is the norm rather than the exception. Importantly, in spite of a lot of overlap and commonalities, traumatic experiences, trauma-related symptoms, as well as treatment approaches differ across geographic regions and cultures.

The Global Collaboration is currently initiating projects with the aim of generating and disseminating more in-depth knowledge about the cultural aspects of trauma and its psychological, physical and social consequences as well as their treatment.


1. Cultural Adaptations for Psychotherapeutic Interventions for PTSD: a narrative review 

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2. Global Perspectives on Culturally Sensitive Trauma Training - STUDENT PROJECT*

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*Read more about STUDENT PROJECT here

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